The best beaches in Antibes for summer 2020
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The best beaches in Antibes for summer 2020

The best beaches in Antibes for summer 2020

Antibes is one of the most picturesque cities on the French Riviera. It is also the second largest city on the South of France after Nice and it offers a lot of great things to do. Tourists love Antibes because it has everything you need for a perfect holiday. Here you can find great restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine, the most beautiful yachts, luxury hotels with magnificent views and wonderful beaches. Here is the list of the best beaches to visit in Antibes on summer 2020.

Plage de la Gravette Beach

This is an excellent sandy beach located in the heart of Antibes, near Antibes Old Town. Unlike other beaches on the French Riviera, this is a public beach. Entrance to the la Gravette Beach is free. It is not equipped with a lot of facilititis, but there are several showers at visitors disposal. There is also a public toilet near the entrance to the beach. However, to buy a bottle of water or a sandwich, you will need to walk to the city center. But since it is located 5 minutes on foot, it is quite convenient.

There is a sign on the gates saying that dogs are prohibited. However, in winter you can often see people walking around with their pets. In summer, the beach is crowded and most likely there will be no dogs here. By the way, in summer there can be so many people here that you will hardly find a place to put your towel. Useful tip: if you want to visit this beach in August, then try not to do it on weekends. There's a lot of travelers at this time. Locals also come to the beach with their families, children and friends.

Another advantage of this beach is that the water here is a little warmer and there are less waves. It is closed to the open sea by a breakwater, so the beach is perfect for children. The average water temperature in August in Antibes is 24 degrees. It is very comfortable to swim.

Plage du Ponteil Beach

This is the second great sandy beach in Antibes. It stretches along the coastline in southern Antibes between Antibes Old Town and Cap d’Antibes. This beach is not wide, but long enough. It is probably the most popular beach among locals. Also, it is well equipped with great facilities for visitors. If you're hungry, there's a food kiosk on the beach where you can buy sandwiches and snacks. There is also a small supermarket "casino" and a restaurant of Italian cuisine. You can also have a coffee and croissant in the nearby boulangerie d’Ilette.

Plage de Salis Beach

It is a small beautiful beach with white soft sand located right next to the Ponteil Beach and at the beginning of the Cap d’Antibes. There are free public toilets on the far side of the Sailing Club building, and open-air showers at the visitors' disposal. Dogs are ostensibly forbidden rom mid-April until the 1st of October on this beaches between 6am and midnight. However, at night, and if the weather is bad, you will see many locals walking with their dogs.

As the beach is located right next to the Cap d’Antibes, it offers stunning views. From here you can see the marina of Antibes as well as the pine forested peninsula with its luxurious villas.

Plage du Fort Carré & Plage de la Fontonne Beaches

It is a long and wide beach, located almost outside the city. However, do not forget that Antibes is a small town, so it will take you about 20 minutes to walk to this beach from the Old Antibes.

It is a pebbly beach, located right next to the road. It is convenient enough for those who want to come to the beach by car. You can park your car in the Fort Carré parking lot, which is free of charge, and then walk 5 minutes to the coast.

Locals usually park their cars right on the beach by the side of the road, as there is enough space for that. The coastline is wide and although the beach is quite popular, it is almost never crowded. By the way, there are no umbrellas, chairs or other equipment on the beach. So think bringing an umbrella with you, as there is nowhere to hide from the sun during the day.

In summer, there's a kiosk where you can buy soft drinks, ice cream and beer. Prices are slightly elevated. For example, a small bottle of beer costs 3 euros. This is why locals always take their drinks and food with them. But if you don't want to carry a fridge bag, you can buy snacks and cold drinks right on the spot at this kiosk.

Plage de la Garoupe Beach

This pretty little beach is situated on Cap d’Antibes. It's one of the picturesque paradise corners of the region. Famous people who visited the French Riviera loved this beach. Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Picasso they spent time on this beach enjoying beautiful views and sunsets.

This is interesting: Garoupe Beach has banned selfies. The reason is that people should enjoy real life and the present moment rather than taking pictures and spending time in their smartphones.

The only disadvantage of this beach is that in summer it is almost entirely occupied by private beach clubs. Only a small area with soft sand is open to the public. However, from October to April you can enjoy the whole beach. It's one of the cleanest beaches in town with a crystal clear blue water. Indeed, it's really a great place to swim. Also, it offers stunning views of Bay of Angels towards Nice and the French Alps.

Port de l'Olivette Beach, Cap d’Antibes

This is one of the most Instagrammable beaches in Antibes. This is where tourists most often take their photos. You can often see the beach on tourist brochures and advertising. The reason is the beautiful view and the colorful fishing boats anchored in blue water. It's a great place to finish a walk on the Cap d’Antibes.

If you want to swim, go down to one of the many little beaches. The sand here is not soft, but rather a mixture of sand and rocks. However, the crystal clear water and the stunning view are worth the little inconvenience.

Grande Plage Beach, Juan les Pins

In the summer, the small town of Juan-les-Pins becomes a must-see tourist site. The seaside resort has a large number of shops, restaurants, cafés, a casino and nightclubs. Its sandy beaches also have a lot of success among tourists.

The main beach of Juan les Pins is called Grande Plage Beach. It has a wide coastline with soft white sand. Also, Grande Plage Beach of Juan les Pins is open for public and well equipped for visitors. There are showers, toilets, cafes and restaurants.

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