Best luggage for your next trips in the tropical countries
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Best luggage for your next trips in the tropical countries
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Best luggage for your next trips in the tropical countries

It’s summer! Time for you to enjoy sunny tropical beach, feel its salted breeze and put your feet in the warm ocean waves. Or you prefer to do some hiking, climbing or simply discovering local culture or history? All you need is an unforgettable trip to tropical countries. So just prepare your luggage and let’s go!
BUT WAIT A MOMENT! What would any traveler need to bring on to these countries for an extraordinary and safe trip? Then make sure you don’t forget all the necessary supplies for a perfect vacation. This article will help you save time and avoid the risk of carrying an overweight luggage at the airport.

travel luggage
Travel luggage

In general, let’s keep in mind that the weather in these countries during summer can be extremely hot. High temperatures are expected in most of tropical countries. It usually ranges from 35 °C to 40 °C, consequently you will probably run into a great diversity of insects and bugs. You have to pay attention to what you take with you. Packing your luggage seems easy, however it can be tricky. If it is your first time traveling, you could always ask for some advice to friends and family. It does hurt to ask!! It is better to plan your itinerary as detailed as possible so you will not worry about it during your dream vacation.

So now, just take a look at the packing list below and decide carefully what to put on your luggage, are you ready?

packing list for tropical vacations
Packing list for tropical cavations

Time to relax is getting closer. Look at your wardrobe and choose what will make you feel comfortable during your vacation. Don’t wait until the last minute to throw some stuff in your suitcase. Thus, keep in mind not only duration of your tropical trip, but also take into account which activities you will carry out there.

In case you want to discover beautiful beaches:

Remember to match your clothes according to your look. Consider to bring a beach bag you can put all your personal items in. Here is a list of things you will probably need:

  • Waterproof phone case
  • Bikini / Swimsuit / Bathing suit
  • Beach bag
  • Beach towel
  • Cover up / Sarong
  • Panties / Bras
  • Watersport sandals
friends on the beach
Friends on the beach

In case you want to explore local mountains:

If you are going to trek, hike or climb a mountain, you should consider that it may be very cold in the evening at higher elevations. Below check out these things not to be missed:

  • Dry bag
  • Sturdier shoes / Hiking shoes
  • Wicking T-shirt
  • Wicking base layer
  • Wicking leggings
  • Light rain jacket & Rain pants
  • Sun hat & Rain hat
  • Sleeping gear / Sleeping bag in case
  • Headlamp / Flashlight
  • Energy foods & drinks
  • Map / Compass / GPS device (remember that there is not wifi or slow connection at the mountains)
Travellers hiking
Travellers hiking

Anyway, if you can't bring all the things you want, make sure you have taken at list the items mentioned in our article, then you will feel confident and relaxed during your amazing jungle trip. And if it’s possible, try on basic things you would like to pack 10-14 days in advance, it will be better :) We hope that this article will help clear up your mind and get you excited for your next trip during this beautiful summer!

If you are looking for your next tropical destination, click below:

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