Tokyo Robot Cabaret Show, incluindo jantar no restaurante temático Alice in Wonderland
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Tokyo Robot Cabaret Show, incluindo jantar no restaurante temático Alice in Wonderland
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Tokyo Robot Cabaret Show, incluindo jantar no restaurante temático Alice in Wonderland

Sobre esta atividade
Escolha o jantar antes ou depois do famoso Robot Cabaret Show em Tóquio. Jante no restaurante com tema de fantasia de Alice no País das Maravilhas de Lewis Carol. Desfrute de uma das quatro opções de menu.
Plano A:
Aperitivos variados
Salada verde cítrica com nozes e queijo parmesão
Batatas fritas com sabor de manteiga de ervas
Carne de porco com ervas e legumes assados
Mousse sazonal
Plano B:
Aperitivos variados
Salada verde cítrica com nozes e queijo parmesão
Pizza com quatro queijos
Carne de porco com ervas e legumes assados
Mousse sazonal
Plano C:
Aperitivos variados
Salada Caesar com bacon e alface romana
Pizza com quatro queijos
Carne de porco com ervas e legumes assados
Risoto de sopa com sabor de trufas
Sobremesas variadas
*O menu está sujeito a alterações conforme a temporada.
*A refeição inclui uma bebida. (cerveja, vinho ou bebidas não alcoólicas)
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  • Jantar
  • Todos os impostos, taxas e despesas de manuseio
  • Entrada - Robot Restaurant
Não incluído
  • Alimentos e bebidas adicionais
  • Recepção e desembarque no hotel
  • Transferência entre o restaurante Robot e o restaurante Dinner
  • Gorjetas
  • A confirmação será recebida no momento da reserva
  • Por favor, informe-nos sobre qualquer alergia alimentar no momento da reserva, use Requisitos Especiais
  • Por favor, observe que sua mesa só será garantida por 2 horas a partir do horário da reserva, devido às regras no restaurante.
  • Para grupos com viajantes mais jovens, por favor, observe que o restaurante está localizado no distrito da luz vermelha de Kabukicho, em Tóquio.
  • A idade mínima é de 10 anos
  • O Robot Restaurant receberá o seu voucher impresso. Se o jantar no restaurante for planejado após o show, é altamente recomendável preparar uma folha separada com o nome, endereço e número de telefone do restaurante.
Vida noturna
5 | 2019-04-15

This show is insane ... in a excellent way. I really can not describe it. You have to see it to believe it. It is located in a little theater on a side street in Shinjuku. I read that they put 1.25 million dollars into this show and it shows it. If you get here early you wait in this room that I can't describe. It has TV screens and a band plays and they have saki tasting. . Then you are escorted into the theater. There is not a whole lot of space between seats but who cares once the show begins. The shows starts with a float with a bunch of young ladies in bikinis with orange hair playing kodo drums. From there it gets more insane!! They have several intermissions to sell drinks, but mainly to move props around which I found to be very interesting on how they did it. IMHO if you visit Tokyo and don't witness this insanity ..... well just do it!! It was the best part of my trip to Tokyo. Who cares about temples and museums when you can see someone in a panda bear costume dancing like Michael Jackson and robots fighting dinosaurs!! Just beware it is loud and crazy.

william a
5 | 2018-07-12

The Robot Restaurant is a once in a lifetime experience. Your seat is so close to the action that you are basically sitting on the stage. The robots are so close you have to duck at times to avoid being hit. What these guys and girls do is amazing. A complete sensory overload. The band before the show was good as well. The only drawback is the restaurant/ticket office is a little tricky to find. The Alice in Wonderland restaurant will be a real treat for fans of the books. The food was good. The decor of the restaurant was cute. My wife and I got a kick out of it. The girls who worked here spoke limited English but made up for it with personality. They were in costume and willing to take photos. The girls were adorable. A great night at both places.

Theresia R
1 | 2018-01-02

Enjoyed the dinner a lot - after all, it was an uncommon experience - but the Robot Cabaret Show can be considered a big fat tourist trap. Just take the fact that the one hour show was interrupted four times by live advertising breaks - buy food, buy merchandising goods.... Plus, the Robots didn't seem much like robots but more like remote controlled carts. So, would definitely not recommend this.

Malcolm W
3 | 2017-08-08

An interesting evening, but the shows a bit tacky and clearly just for the tourists. It's also located in the red light district which is much poorer than the rest of Tokyo, but nobody bothers you.

Hannah F
4 | 2017-02-04

We had a great time at the robot show, it is crazy and so entertaining - we were grinning from ear to ear or laughing almost the entire time. The robot show is a must do unless you don't like loud noises. The restaurant was also fun and very tasty, but the robot show was definitely the highlight.

Sarah H
5 | 2017-01-27

Possibly the most bizarre yet wonderful thing we did while we were in Japan! It's very hard to describe the robot show, but if you have time and the means please go to it! The Alice dinner before was also very lovely, especially for fellow Disney fans or anyone else who likes a cute restaurant and a nice meal. Together they made for a very odd but highly enjoyable and memorable night!!!

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