Experiência em fazenda em Sorrento, incluindo degustação, produção de pizza e limoncello
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Experiência em fazenda em Sorrento, incluindo degustação, produção de pizza e limoncello
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Experiência em fazenda em Sorrento, incluindo degustação, produção de pizza e limoncello

5 h
Sobre esta atividade
Após o embarque em seu hotel em Sorrento na parte da manhã (ou da tarde), comece seu dia com uma visita a uma fazenda local, a Limoneto Storico 1894. Ande pelas oliveiras e pomares de frutas cítricas, e aprenda sobre a história da fazenda e as tradicionais técnicas de produção agrícola. Em seguida, vá para a sala de degustação para provar produtos frescos da fazenda: limonada, limões fatiado com açúcar, azeite extra virgem e pão caseiro com azeite aromatizado com limão e laranja.
Sua próxima parada é a fábrica de queijos Il Turziello, onde você verá como são feitos a treccia (queijo trançado com muçarela) e a caciotta (um tipo suave de queijo regional). Aprecie uma degustação do provolone fresco com salame, acompanhado por uma taça de vinho.
Após aguçar o seu paladar, é hora da clássica pizza italiana. Siga para o restaurante Da Francesco, no centro histórico de Schiazzano, para um prática aula de como fazer pizza. Aprenda a fazer uma típica pizza napolitana, e depois experimente a sua criação, seguida de sobremesa caseira e café.
Volte à fazenda Limoneto Storico 1894, onde sua jornada gastronômica terminará com uma degustação de limoncello fresco, o fascinante licor italiano. Você aprenderá a receita da família! Com o apetite saciado, relaxe na viagem de volta para o seu hotel.
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Marcus H
5 | 2019-09-30

This tour is fantastic to see countryside, learn how the 'locals' grow crops, make cheese, and make 'classic' pizza from southern Italy. Our guide, Klaudia, did a great job explaining the history and culture of the area. The tastings were great, the cheese making process was very intersting, and the pizza 'experience' was fantastic. ....you'll learn how to 'toss' your own pizza dough while making your own woodfired pizza.

Robert K
5 | 2019-09-27

Our fault for booking this, but I had no idea how tough that drive was going to be from Salerno to Sorrento - 2 hours of white knuckle stress. We were met by the tour operator right on time at the right place, but when we found out this was going to be a 4 hour event ending in Sorrento at dusk, I was unwilling to try to make that trip back to our hotel in Salerno (Vietri sul mar) in the dark.

Sarah A
5 | 2019-09-24

This tour was recommended to me by a friend who went on it over a year ago and told me if she could only recommend one thing to do in Italy it was this. I am so glad I listened to her. I did this with two friends and we all agreed it was one of the best tours we've ever been on. Klaudia is amazing tour guide and had us laughing out loud constantly. This experience allows you to experience a more authentic side of Italy and it should not be missed.

Beate B
5 | 2019-09-02

Just loved this trip. The guide was the best and made our tour interesting and fun. The food and drink was very tasty - the cheese, the olive oil, limonchella, limonade, wine and pizza. Make sure your hungry;-)

5 | 2019-07-22

Best tour. So friendly knowledgeable and fun!!! So much to learn, eat and drink. I would highly recommend if you want to have a great tour!

Steve M
5 | 2019-07-03

I had such a good time on this tour! This is no bus with a microphone, as many tours are. Instead, three small family businesses have teamed up to present the incredible work they do to curious tourists. The woman leading the tour, Claudia, was beyond charming. You take these little tripod vehicles through tiny winding village streets up to a cheese and olive oil farm, where we learned quite a lot about olive oil, and tasted it. The "Cheeseman" came out and made cheese in front of us, and we tasted all of it (with wine, of course). But the Cheeseman isn't just there to give tours: he does this in the morning... and then every day he goes on to make 120 pounds of cheese to be delivered around the area. This isn't a show, it's a peek at a real working business. The same held true for the second stop, a pizzeria and restaurant in the village, also accessed by one of the tiny tripod cars (which felt like a roller coaster after some wine, there was lots of laughing in our car). The restauranteur doesn't speak English, so Claudia (who we learned is his daughter in law!) translated. He taught us to make pizza, then led each of us in the process. Again what could have been a boring, campy, contrived and repetitive process was a *ton* of fun, with lots of laughter and cheering all around from our group of 25 mostly-strangers. There's more to the tour, but hopefully I've already convinced you to take it, and you can find out the rest for yourself :)

5 | 2019-07-03

we were in italy for a week (3 generation girls' trip) we absolutely loved this tour- start to finish! grateful that they could pick us up from our hotel. staff was very pleasant, professional, witty, and engaging! my adult and teen daughters loved it. enjoyed the tastings, and especially the pizza making!

5 | 2019-07-03

I can honestly say this was the best tour I have ever been on , we were a group of 6 ladies from England and everyone of us found the cheese man and pizza man so much fun very entertaining and informative, Claudia was an amazing tour guide, we loved watching how the cheese was made and we made our own pizza which was so much fun then we watched how to make the limoncello which was so good, we rode around the mountains in Ferrari’s or something similar

Diane L
5 | 2018-09-15

What an amazing experience. From the pick up to the drop off, everything was well arranged and smooth. Our guide, the famous Claudia, was extremely knowledgeable and very witty. Though she clearly had her spiel sorted, it was delivered in a clever and endearing manner which made the group chuckle and feel welcome. The pizza making at the end was particularly good. Claudia is well experienced with handling a couple of mobile phones and managed to produce a lasting memory of the experience. Really well worth the money.

5 | 2018-09-08

This tour made our holiday! We went on 3 tours with Viator during our week stay in Sorrento and this was by far the best. Claudia the local tour guide was friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and funny - a really lovely lady. This tour made you feel like you were experiencing the REAL Italy not just a tourist hot spot. Every moment was fun and enjoyable - the journey in the local version of the Ferrari was hair raising but great fun, the tastings were fabulous, the pizza chef throwing the pizza dough across the restaurant was hilarious - all in all well worth the money and would not hesitate to book it again.

5 | 2018-08-21

This was a terrific tour for the whole family. You get to see and taste the lemoncello where it is actually made, similarly on your next stop, you see the whole Mozzarella creating process and then you get to the final stop where you make your own pizza and have a lot of laughs besides. The tour is about 5 hours which gives you time to enjoy Sorrento for the rest of the day

Lee M
5 | 2018-08-13

Wonderful experience! Our best excursion on the trip. Claudia, our tour guide was very knowledgeable and funny. She always volunteered to take pictures for us had a few cute selfies when we got our phone back This was a great family run farm and everything was delicious. The cheese making was very educational. It was great to watch the mozzarella go from cows milk to cheese on your plate in 15 minutes. The farm was very educational and the pizza making was a blast. They take you to a restaurant where you get to make your own pizza in their brick oven. Everyone involved went out of their way to make sure you had a great time!

Laura B
5 | 2018-06-28

This was absolutely fantastic! Klaudia was our guide for the day and was informative, educational and fun! The lemon orchards with associated limoncello tasting and olive oil tasting was lovely, the visit to the farm for cheesemaking was fantastic, and Cheese Man was a great instructor. Pizza making was very fun. Plus, the ride on the little ferrari rollercoaster was a blast! Definitely a recommend for anyone looking to truly experience what goes into making all the delicious flavors one tastes while in Italy! OH - but they owe me the recipe for the panettone!!

Jonathan O
5 | 2018-05-29

Best tour of our 2 week holiday. Tasted different olive oils, limoncelli, homemade jams and marmalade, walked through lemon groves, tasted freshly made cheese and finished with a pizza making evening and all in local farms and restuarants. Everyone very friendly and tour was well organised.

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