Viagem de um dia aos campos de batalha de Somme para grupos pequenos saindo de Paris
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Viagem de um dia aos campos de batalha de Somme para grupos pequenos saindo de Paris
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Viagem de um dia aos campos de batalha de Somme para grupos pequenos saindo de Paris

1 day
Grupo Pequeno
Dia Completo
Sobre esta atividade
Visite o cemitério de Delville Wood em Longueval, situada à margem do Somme. Veja a Cratera Lochnagar, localizada no La Boisselle", um impressionante buraco de mina com 100 metros de largura e a 30 metros de profundidade.
Veja a bandeira australiana sobre Poziere em reconhecimento aos sacrifícios feito pela ANZAC na batalha que ocorreu aqui durante a ofensiva do Somme. Essa batalha foi seguida pela batalha da Fazenda Mouquet, que você também visitará hoje.
Continue até Thiepval, onde você verá o maior memorial dedicado aos soldados britânicos não encontrados. Você também visitará a Torre Ulster, um memorial para os homens da divisão 36 Ulster, o Beaumont-Hamel e o Memorial Newfoundland, que oferece uma perspectiva realista e em movimento dessas batalhas em seu sistema de trincheiras extraordinariamente bem preservado. Durante esta viagem de um dia, você também verá o Memorial nacional da Austrália no Villers-Bretonneux.
Termine o passeio com uma visita ao histórico Peronne, um museu cultural internacional sobre a primeira guerra mundial (1914-1918) que explica o conflito, suas origens e suas consequências. O museu abriga uma coleção original exclusiva de mais de 50.000 objetos e os documentos da vida cotidiana durante a guerra.
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  • Tour em pequenos grupos (máximo de 8 participantes)
  • Garantido para saltar as linhas longas
  • Guia falando inglês
  • Transporte por Microônibus com Ar Condicionado
  • Todos os impostos, taxas e despesas de manuseio
  • Entrada - Thiepval Memorial
  • Entrada - Australian War Memorial
  • Entrada - Historial de la Grande Guerre
  • Entrada - Ulster Memorial Tower
  • Entrada - Lochnagar Crater
  • Entrada - Delville Wood War Memorial
  • Garantia de não enfrentar filas
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  • Gorjetas
  • Alimentos e bebidas
  • Recepção e desembarque no hotel
  • Você não receberá a confirmação no momento da reserva se ela for feita a menos de 3 dias da viagem. Nesse caso, a reserva estará sujeita a disponibilidade e será confirmada em até 48 horas
  • Sem acessibilidade para cadeira de rodas
  • Os viajantes devem ter condicionamento físico razoável
  • Funciona em todas as condições meteorológicas, por favor vestido adequadamente
  • Certifique-se de chegar imediatamente ao seu passeio.
  • O grupo não irá esperar se você se atrasar e se você perder o passeio devido a um atraso, você não terá direito a um reembolso.
5 | 2019-09-16

I attended with my husband, daughter and close friends. My husband is ex-RAN and our friend is ex-Army. We wanted to learn and pay our respects to all the Australians that had died on the Somme battlefields. We had a very remarkable day with our guide who was extremely informative. We attended not only Australian memorials but also English and Canadian. The John Monash Centre is truely worth a visit as were all the places we attended that day including the crater. It leaves you tired, weary and sad but we were all pleased we had learnt so much and paid our respects to not only the fallen Australians but the many other soldiers who had given their lives in battles sometimes even when they had no chance of survival,. Definitely recommend this tour, we did stop for a coffee in the morning and a baguette from a local patisserie for lunch which we ate in the a church garden. Can also do some memorabilia shopping.

5 | 2019-08-01

We had a fantastic day touring the battlefields of the Somme and Villers-Bretoneux. Our tour guide Matt was full of knowledge and gave us a great insight into the area and history of the battles as well as events leading up to WW1. A tour that will live in our memories.

Rachel G
4 | 2019-07-03

We planned this trip to VB to pay homage to our fallen soldiers. As Australians we knew this was to be a great yet emotional experience and had been looking forward to it for some time. I think this tour definitely needs a little tweeking to take it to the next level. There needs to be more time at the John Monash Centre, especially, as with our group, when most or all of the group is composed of Australians. It is too rushed and does not allow sufficient time to see everything (even quickly) and then pay your respects at the graves. Some people in our group had actual relatives buried there and to think they were rushed in paying their respects saddened us. We basically had to run through to graves to make it to the bus on time after departing the JMC museum. For people who have come SO far to see this important site, being given less than one hour here was quite annoying to say the least. Unfortunately we were also not instructed by our guide that in order to view the interactive exhibits at the centre you need to download an app as well as have a pair of headphones. We only figured this out with about 15 mins left in the centre which only exacerbated how rushed we felt during our time here. There is probably too much time granted for lunch and the final museum and not enough time for the John Monash centre. If this was tweeked the day would be far more enjoyable. The other stops and memorials were great and moving and our guide Max did a good job of explaining the history of the area, the war and the Australian involvement in the war. In general, I think it was a very enjoyable day. Everyone on our trip had similar comments, so I hope the owners/managers please take this into account to take this day to the next level.

Vicki F
5 | 2018-02-20

Loved this trip and our guide was so friendly and helpful

Susan W
5 | 2018-01-14

Loved this tour. Our tour guide was excellent, went out of his way to assist people with us to find their Great Uncles grave and was very informative. Would highly recommend.

Gregory W
5 | 2017-12-27

Absolutely excellent. If you are interested in WW1 battles, it would be hard not to like this. The many cemeteries make for a moving experience. I REALLY enjoyed this, Saw a lot, including the place where the Red Baron crashed to his death. Guide knew his stuff. Tipped him more than any guide I had before. Unlike American graves, the British Commonwealth allowed relatives to provide epitaphs to be written by relatives. Check out this one,. Could speak for everyone killed in that war, although this particular soldier died on the day that the German general Ludendorff described as the Black Day for the German army, so in that respect he didn't die, as so many did in that war, in vain.

3 | 2017-10-18

The small group thing is a good way to do it. However, 15 mins at the Somme memorial was a bit rude. And if you are sitting in the middle you see nothing. So it was a very expensive exercise and I wouldn't overly recommend it.

Colina W
5 | 2017-10-12

Sorry I thought I had rated this trip. This was our holiday last year it was a wonderful day - I would strongly recommend if you only have a day to spend this trip covers a lot. It was amazing.

5 | 2017-09-08

For some reason the other 4 people did not show up so we had a private tour. The tour guide was great!

Julia S
5 | 2017-07-12

The day was very interesting and the guide very knowledgeable. The day was tailored to the needs of the people attending with enough time spent at the memorial sites. It was a little cramped taking 8 in the mini van but definitely worth it.

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