Torre Eiffel, Cruzeiro pelo Rio Sena e excursão de iluminações de Paris à noite
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Torre Eiffel, Cruzeiro pelo Rio Sena e excursão de iluminações de Paris à noite

Torre Eiffel, Cruzeiro pelo Rio Sena e excursão de iluminações de Paris à noite

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Você terá vistas sem precedentes de Paris à noite na Torre Eiffel e novamente do Rio Sena enquanto você passa por baixo das famosas pontes de Paris. Em seguida, enquanto você percorre avenidas repletas de árvores de Paris no conforto do seu ônibus com ar condicionado, verá as famosas luzes de Paris acesas para a noite, inclusive as Praças Concorde e Vendome, Opera e os Champs-Elysees.

Note que no verão (abril a outubro), as excursões ocorrem parcialmente durante o dia, já que não escurece até bem tarde da noite.

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  • Transporte em ônibus com ar condicionado
  • Cruzeiro de uma hora pelo Rio Sena
  • Excursão turística de Paris
  • Taxas de entrada até o segundo andar da Torre Eiffel
  • Partida de acordo com o horário solicitado: 18h15 ou 19h15
  • Acompanhamento na excursão
Não incluído
  • Gorjetas (opcionais)
  • Embarque e desembarque no hotel
  • Comida e bebida, exceto quando especificado
  • A confirmação será recebida durante a reserva
  • Em raras ocasiões que não é possível visitar a Torre Eiffel devido a circunstâncias excepcionais, a visita ao 2º andar da Torre Eiffel será substituída pela visita à Torre Montparnasse que oferece vistas incríveis de Paris. Nesse caso, não há reembolso. No verão, as excursões ocorrem parcialmente durante o dia, já que não escurece até bem tarde da noite. De abril de 2015 em diante, a excursão terminará na Torre Eiffel Observe que NÃO é possível comprar um ingresso parair até o segundo andar da Torre Eiffel.
  • Partida de acordo com o horário solicitado: 18h15 ou 19h15
Vida noturna
3 | 2019-05-10

This was the only tour on my 10 day vacation that I booked through Viator I did not enjoy. Our guide was more of a host and babysitter to make sure we got from place to place. She was very sweet but there was no speaking of the history of the city or attractions. We started at around 8pm which is still light out and did an hour river cruise. There were speakers in different languages to explain the sites but none of them worked. So we looked at the map on the boat to kind of guide us of what we were seeing. After the cruise we went on a tour bus that drove around the city. By this time it was 9:30pm and dark you could hardly see what they were talking about on a pre-recorded guide. After the tour bus we went over to the Eiffel tower and had access to the second floor. I will say this was the highlight of the whole tour. The city is beautiful at night and the Eiffel tower all lit up is so much more beautiful and impressive then during the day. In my opinion find a night tour of the Eiffel tower or a cruise and Eiffel tower tour.

Sandy V
5 | 2019-04-04

We thoroughly enjoyed this tour. The boat ride was just long enough and we could see the Eiffel Tower the entire time. Getting to tour the Eiffel Tower was just icing on the cake. The tour was worth the money. I would highly recommend.

Eric J
5 | 2018-10-26

Tour guide was fabulous, I would recommend this tour.

Nancy H
1 | 2018-09-28

Do yourself a favor and see these sights on your own. The 9/8/18 night tour through Paris was nothing more than a big traffic jam with canned commentary and annoying music that didn't appear to sync with what we were seeing. The boat ride on the Seine was OK, but could have been done easier on our own. The visit to the Eiffel Tower was a nightmare. The bus arrived at 10 pm, just as the Eiffel Tower light show was beginning. Instead of allowing the group to view the show, the guide walked at an extremely fast pace toward the Tower, crossing a busy street. I don't believe she ever checked to see who was following and who wasn't. When we arrived at the Tower, she handed out tickets for the 10:30 pm trip to the top and told us the bus would be leaving the parking area at 11:30 pm. At 10:30 the guide was missing in action. It took 35 minutes in line to get to the viewing platform and 35 minutes in line to get back down. We were with several other people from the tour bus. Couldn't find the bus upon descent. Assumed it left at 11:30 pm. Ended up paying almost $20 for a cab back to our hotel. This is not typical of our experiences with Viator. Was very disappointed!

David H
3 | 2018-09-15

The problem I had with this tour and I rarely have a complaint about a Viator tour is that you have very little time at the Eiffel Tower. Why? Because the guide lets you know they will leave you behind if you don't make it back to the bus on time. That seems reasonable enough, except at night it is very difficult to find the bus. I think the guide should have provided for a meeting place just outside the Tower. That's my constructive criticism.

Diane S
2 | 2018-09-10

Bus tour was poorly narated. Most of them I've been on tell you to look right or left and we had no idea after dark what we were to look at. Too long! Hit the big items, felt we were going in circles. Didn't bother with Eiffel Tower as we figured the tour guide wouldn't be of any use there either. There was no interaction at all with the guide other than to give out tickets. Half of what we saw on the way to the Seine could have been explained in passing rather than try to see them in the dark.



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