Jantar e show Moulin Rouge, Paris
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Jantar e show Moulin Rouge, Paris
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Jantar e show Moulin Rouge, Paris

4 h
Sobre esta atividade
Visite: Moulin Rouge, 82 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris França

Aprecie uma excelente refeição no esplendoroso cabaré parisiense que ficou famoso com as pinturas de Toulouse Lautrec. Você deve escolher entre três diferentes menus, que incluem meia garrafa de champanhe.
Após o jantar, assista ao cancã francês apresentado na casa parisiense do cancã. Você experimentará o encantamento mágico do Moulin Rouge e desfrutará a essência do cabaré parisiense.
O encantamento mágico do Moulin Rouge vem de uma companhia teatral de 100 artistas, que inclui as 60 lendárias Meninas Doriss, com um guarda-roupa espetacular de penas, pedras e adereços brilhantes. Os cenários suntuosos e o show de luzes vibrantes de "Féerie" são um fundo colorido para as apresentações brilhantemente coreografadas em escadas rolantes, em um aquário gigante, em balanços e em cenários de jardins.
Faça já sua reserva! O Moulin Rouge normalmente esgota com semanas de antecedência. Faça então sua reserva para não ficar desapontado.
Observe que esta apresentação contém nudez parcial e pode não ser apropriada para todos os públicos.

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  • Jantar - Jantar com três pratos
  • Meia garrafa de champanhe
  • Show do Moulin Rouge
  • Entrada - Moulin Rouge
Não incluído
  • Gorjetas
  • Transporte de ida e volta para o hotel
  • A confirmação será recebida até 48 horas após a reserva, de acordo com a disponibilidade
  • Traje esporte fino obrigatório (não é necessário gravata nem paletó), proibidos shorts, bermudas, tênis e roupa esporte.
  • Todos os hóspedes serão acomodados em mesas para 6 a 8 pessoas; mesas para dois não estão disponíveis.
  • O Moulin Rouge é localizado na parte norte de Paris, a uma curta distância de Montmartre.
  • Devido à sua popularidade, esteja preparado para aguardar na fila para entrar no Moulin Rouge. O Moulin Rouge não concede acesso prioritário a ninguém. Os lugares são estabelecidos 1 hora antes da apresentação.
  • O cardápio conta com opções vegetarianas. Selecione o menu Toulouse-Lautrec.
Vida noturna
Ingrid S
5 | 2019-09-27

Fantastic show non stop entertainment costumes amazing .Dinner was also great and very fast, we felt it was worth the money.

Paula R
5 | 2019-07-31

EXCELLENT show! This was our last night in Paris and we are so glad we went to this show. It was beyond our expectations! The theater is beautiful. The band/singers during dinner was great. Really got people dancing! Dinner was served promptly and all courses were delicious. We had the middle price range and were pleasantly surprised that we had choices for each course. Enjoyed the bottle of champagne that was included with our dinners. We sat alone for dinner but were joined by 2 other couples for the show.

5 | 2019-07-22

I attended the show with a teenage daughter and we thoroughly enjoyed. We are very fussy eaters and contrary to the some negative reviews about the dinner, we actually enjoyed the dinner and also the bottle of Champaign that came with. The show was very entertaining and professionally executed and it was worth every penny. We had s great time from the start to finish!

cheri m
5 | 2019-07-17

we went for the mid range meal and show, arrived 30 mins before as asked, went in straight away and seated , our table was a rectangle for 4, there was only 2 of us, but after dinner 4 more people were added- strangers . our table was all quite small people , but the table beside us they put a tiny young lady between 2 very huge men on a small table, I would have cried or left !!! the service was ok , really really busy but ok, you could change your meal I you paid extra . the actual show was the most confusing weird thing ever but the costumes and ladies were fab, post show your right next to strip bars and sex shops , which is worth a stroll down if your that way inclined - very clean everywhere . all in all I wouldn't go again because id rather try somewhere else and ive seen it now, but its certainly worth going once. some people had young children I would not have expected that and would not take my children

5 | 2019-07-03

Go to the show. It’s amazing. Yes, there are girls with no tops. But it’s a classy, fantastic experience. Staff was great. Food was great too.

Loris J
5 | 2019-05-06

A must see while in Paris, this show did not dissapoint. From the service staff, to the meal and the pre show entertainment. Everything was outstanding and the costumes and dancing we're second to none. Highly recommend this attraction.

5 | 2019-03-30

Fabulous show filled with amazing costumes, great music, interesting choreography, snakes one kinda nearly escaped... ponies. Dinner was traditionally French as was the champagne, and we only waited about 10 minutes to be seated. Wait staff were attentive and the whole evening was a treat.

Cheryl V
5 | 2018-10-28

We booked Moulin Rouge for our last night in Paris. We had read all the amazing reviews so our expectations were high, but all I can say is that it surpassed every expectation. I dont want to go into to much detail as I want you to be surprised by all the wonders. Do not leave Paris without booking this experience

Laura P
4 | 2018-08-05

We love the movie Moulin Rouge, so we had to go see the show while we were in Paris! We chose the Belle Epoque menu. It says it includes a half bottle of champagne per person, but we were allowed to choose a red wine instead. We ordered a second bottle of wine, and it was 75. The show was great! Elaborate costumes, gorgeous and talented dancers, just what you would expect. The loss of a star is due to the dinner. The food was good, but not great, and the tables and chairs were really squished in together. There was barely room to move without bumping into the people seated next to you. The tables held several couples.

Cornelia M
5 | 2018-06-03

This is a must do item for anybody going to Paris! Even though everybody is tightly packed together we were able to see. One thing I could not believe, was that, as already mentioned, there were masses of people and all 'squashed together' the food was great!! I suppose it is to be expected ....if one look closely at the paintings made here by the famous artists...it was just as packed then! We had a great evening. If you are wondering, get dressed in your little number, but wear flat shoes for walking afterwards ...do it - it is a lot of fun. Go for a walk in the Montmartre area after wards....

Deborah S
5 | 2018-06-03

Great experience...pricey...but well worth it!

2 | 2018-04-13

The show was fantastic. The dinner was average with waiters who were rude in handing you a menu and taking your order. It felt like you were just a number and there was no elegance at all in the dinner experience.

Sarah W
5 | 2018-04-11

Good quality meal and show was great. Get very good seats doing this deal.

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