Excursão particular: personalize seu dia perfeito em Paris
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Excursão particular: personalize seu dia perfeito em Paris

Excursão particular: personalize seu dia perfeito em Paris

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Aproveite ao máximo o seu tempo em Paris com esta excursão particular. Discuta seus interesses com antecedência, depois venha tranquilo, estamos ansiosos para explorar Paris de acordo com um itinerário personalizado.

Sua excursão de meio dia ou um dia inteiro em Paris é totalmente adequada aos seus desejos em termos de passeio turístico. Antes de sua excursão, seu guia particular entrará em contato para discutir o que você deseja ver, assim, a logística pode ser programada com antecedência, poupando tempo.

No dia de sua excursão, seu guia encontrará você no hotel. Você pode fazer ajustes finais enquanto você define o que ver, como fantásticos locais parisienses de interesse. Táxis e transporte público necessário durante a excursão também estão incluídos.

Aventure-se na Catedral de Notre Dame para admirar a arquitetura gótica da estrutura. Uso prático com o ingresso “evite as filas” para o Musée du Louvre. Lá, viva a experiência diante de obras-primas, como de Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa. Descubra as ruas laterais isoladas na vila de Montmartre, maravilhe-se com a altura e beleza estrutural da Torre Eiffel, e desfrute da vida de Paris como um cidadão local.

Consulte o Itinerário para obter um exemplo de excursão de dia inteiro. Refeições, taxas de entrada, e traslado do aeroporto não estão incluídos.
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  • Excursão de dia inteiro com 7 horas ou de meio dia com 3 horas e meia (dependendo da opção selecionada) com um guia local
  • Serviços de planejamento de excursão personalizada
  • Custos do transporte público (incluindo os táxis e o metrô histórico de Paris)
Não incluído
  • Comida e bebida
  • Taxas de entrada
  • Gorjetas (opcionais)
  • Motorista o dia inteiro e traslado do aeroporto
  • A confirmação será recebida no ato da reserva
95% Cultural
Joann H
5 | 2018-09-20

What a great introduction to this beautiful city! Our guide is from Paris and was a fount of knowledge about history, art and culture. In addition he enjoys photography so when he saw my camera he knew exactly where to go for the best photography shots! I totally recommend this tour for first time travelers to Paris. We walked about 3 miles, saw all the things we had discussed in advance via email and saw Paris through the eyes of a local. It really doesn’t get any better than this!

5 | 2018-07-10

Our private tour of Paris was by far our best day! Alex was a wonderful tour guide, personable, knowledgeable, and flexible! He took us to many of the main attractions that we wanted to see, but with the benefit of his wonderful explanations and stories about what we were seeing, it made them so much more meaningful! He also was able to take us off the beaten paths to his favorite creperies, bakeries and back alleys to experience life as a local Parisian! He taught us how to use the metro and gave us tips into what to see and where to eat for the rest of our trip. Excellent tour and definitely the way to go.

5 | 2018-06-21

If you want to experience Paris beyond the crowded tourist attractions, this is the perfect way to do it. Request Alex as your tour guide! Our half-day tour with him was the HIGHLIGHT of our trip to Paris a stay that included two Michelin Star restaurants and hitting many of the highlights on our own. My husband and I had a short stay in the city, and it was our first time visiting. We booked this half-day tour for our first full day in the city so we could get oriented and learn more about the culture from a local. A friendly email from a coordinator greeted me after booking, and we came up with the ideal schedule and itinerary - settling upon Montmartre, Sacré-Cœur, and Notre Dame. I also requested that our guide bring tickets to the Louvre for us to purchase from him so we wouldn't have to wait in the long line at the museum the next day. We met Alex in our hotel lobby at the appointed time, and he got to know us and our interests a bit before taking out a map of Paris and sketching out what he thought would be the best way to tackle the day. From there, we were off! We stopped quickly at the Arc de Triomphe, learning about its history before taking the subway to Montmartre. Alex deftly navigated us to the Moulin Rouge and up the streets of Montmartre, pointing out nuances and interesting sights along the way. We learned about the famous street artists prevalent in this district and about the architecture of the city. He also took us to some delicious pastry shops and purchased desserts for us to try! And the bread! We stopped by a bakery in Montmartre famous for its baguettes and learned how to discern and appreciate its texture and crust. When we made it to the top of the hill, instead of just admiring the sheer size and ostentatiousness of Sacré-Cœur, we learned about the events leading up to its construction and its symbolism. We ended our tour at Notre Dame, and we were fortunate enough to witness a Christian Orthodox communion ceremony and a beautiful choir performance. We learned so much about the church and its architecture as we admired its beauty. Afterwards, Alex gave us recommendations for other places to explore in our remaining days in the city as well as when we made a return trip. This tour was so much more than we imagined and Alex is one of the best tour guides we've ever had. It was simply a treasure to walk the streets of Paris less traveled by the regular tourist crowd and take in the daily life of everyday Parisians. We learned so much and we will definitely be looking to learn more with Alex the next time we're in Paris!

Janis H
5 | 2018-06-09

Great guide who personalized the whole tour on the fly as she got to know more about us and our interests. Apart from all the places we saw, she also gave us information about how to navigate transportation and find what we were looking for in Paris. This tour was the first thing we did in Paris. Thank goodness! Without it, the whole trip would have been diminished.

Susan V
3 | 2018-04-09

We had four of us with only one day in Paris at the end of a Viking River Cruise so I arranged a seven hour tour to focus on a few areas of Paris. Since the company charges per person this was pricey. Although our guide, Marie, was very lovely and knowledgeable she arrived late, finished the tour early far away from our hotel, and left us alone for lunch. We asked for a focus on French food and wine and that didnt happen. I suspect my request form was never reviewed. Recommendations - review in detail with the guide at the beginning of the tour the exact plan so expectations can be met. The website advertises door to door service so at the end of the tour you should at least end at the subway station with ticket in hand. Having read the reviews before I booked it looks like my experience was not the norm and the company issued a partial refund since our guide was not with us the full 7 hours.

Brian V
5 | 2018-04-08

This was a great way to start our week. It was our first full day in Paris and gave us a great understanding of the city. Marie was our guide and she was great. She provided a lot of great information as well as individual tidbits you wouldn't know exploring by yourself. Marie was a pleasure to spend the day with and we had a lot of laughs. Visiting Notre Dame the day before Easter was my highlight of the tour but everything was great. I highly recommend this tour especially to start your visit. Thank you Marie.