Excursão guiada particular de 1,5 hora no Museu do Louvre
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Excursão guiada particular de 1,5 hora no Museu do Louvre
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Excursão guiada particular de 1,5 hora no Museu do Louvre

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O Museu do Louvre em Paris é, sem dúvida, atualmente um dos museus mais visitados no mundo. O museu, que era um palácio para os monarcas franceses, é o lar de algumas das maiores obras de arte se estendendo pela linha do tempo e por várias regiões geográficas. O Museu do Louvre cobre uma área de mais de 60.600 metros quadrados que exibe mais de 380.000 objetos com significado histórico, em que 35.000 são obras de arte!

Algumas das principais atrações que atraem milhões de turistas ao Louvre na incluem a Pirâmide de Vidro, a Pirâmide Invertida, o Jardim das Tulherias, localizado nas proximidades, e a sala Salle 6, ao lado da Grande Galeria, onde renomadas obras-primas, como a Mona Lisa de Da Vinci, a Vênus de Milo, e outras famosas esculturas greco-romanas estão localizadas.

Seu guia turístico particular, que conhece todos os cantos deste museu, irá orientar você nessa exploração dos maiores tesouros do mundo e experiência inesquecível.

Faça a reserva da sua excursão privada para ter um tratamento V.I.P: sem filas, sem atrasos e sem confusões. Como todas as outras excursões particulares, a excursão guiada ao Museu do Louvre em Paris também inclui uma visita ao shopping do museu, onde mostraremos os melhores lugares para comprar souvenir com os melhores preços.
Nosso guia que fala inglês é um experiente negociador de preços também!

Escolha a Excursão noturna com início às 19h30 nas noites de quartas e sextas-feiras, e desfrutes deste museu tarde da noite (o museu fecha às 22h)!

Esta excursão é perfeita para a família ou para um grupo pequeno, (mais de 3 pessoas). Desfrute do privilégio do seu próprio guia pelo preço de uma excursão guiada normal.

Observação: os ingressos NÃO estão incluídos e devem ser pagos diretamente ao guia na chegada. 15 Euros por adulto maior de 18 anos de idade.
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  • Guia profissional
  • Garantia de escapar das longas filas
  • Excursão particular
Não incluído
  • Taxas de entrada (15 euros, para pessoas com mais de 18 anos de idade)
  • Gorjetas (recomendado)
  • A confirmação será recebida durante a reserva
  • Acesso para cadeira de rodas. Informe no momento da reserva se é necessária a assistência de cadeira de rodas
  • Se houver crianças no grupo, é necessário informar o fornecedor na página de checkout
Robert M
5 | 2019-09-10

Christophe was amazing!!! So professional with vast knowledge of the key pieces of the Louvre. 90 mins just flew by

Kevin B
5 | 2019-08-19

Super tour of the Louvre with Julien. I have been to the Louvre many times both on group tours and individual visits. Julien's tour was designed to hit the highlights for my kids who were visiting the museum for the first time, but I learned as much about the art and the Lourvre itself than I have on all my prior visits combined. Great experience.

5 | 2019-08-08

We texted our tour guide the night before our tour and arranged a time and place to meet. Please be sure to purchase your Louvre tickets well in advance as they are not included. We met at the statue of King Henry on a horse I believe and she took us to the front of a line and we were some of the first people in. The tour guide was great, she spoke perfect English and was very accommodating, took us to many major attraction areas including the Mona Lisa, Nike and Venus De Milo all in the first hour. We stayed and explored for several hours and quickly saw why the tour guide was so important. The Louvre is huge and we got lost several times. The tour guide had covered so many areas and knew where and when to go. We felt it was totally worth the cost.

5 | 2019-08-05

Our guide was amazing and knows the museum like its her home. We were able to see highlights efficiently and quickly. She knows her art history and provided valuable insight on works of art. Highly recommend.

5 | 2019-08-02

Our guide Veronica was very knowledge and very detailed oriented when describing the art work. However we got one hour and 15 min of tour, not one hour and 30 minutes as was indicated.

Russell H
5 | 2019-07-25

Our guide, Christophe, did a great job of showing us the Louvre. He is extremely knowledgeable on not only the artifacts and art, but the Louvre itself. We cannot recommend him highly enough. If you are going to the Mona Lisa exhibit, be prepared for a long and pushy line.

5 | 2019-07-23

We had a great time during this tour. We wanted to just see the highlights and we hit them all. Our guide Christophe was exceptional and was very thoughtful and kind with our grandmother who walks with a cane. Not needing to wait in any lines was great too!

Chris K
5 | 2019-07-15

This is the best way to see the Louvre and Yse was the perfect guide. She was somehow able to hit all the highlights and do an amazing job explaining in detail in 1.5 hours. She made everything so much more interesting.

Christopher R
5 | 2019-07-09

What an amazing tour with Veronique. The tour was succinct yet thorough and we got to see all of the highlights. Highly recommend Veronique. Extreme fund of knowledge. Will def be back. Had a 3 year old as well as 11 and 12 too.

Chloe L
1 | 2019-07-03

Our guide was very flustered. Made us cut over 200 people to get to the front of the security line. The security guard then didn’t want to let us through, after a brief argument with the security we were let through. Then the ticket lines were closed when we got inside and we were not even able to get into the museum after 2 hours of waiting.

Catherine B
5 | 2019-07-03

Our tour with Cat was perfect for what we needed - she was knowledgeable and zoomed us around efficiently! With 3 kids in tow, being able to skip the line was huge for us, and seeing just the highlights was truly all our kiddos had the patience for. :)

Dave D
2 | 2019-05-08

I recently did this tour with Fabia and it was so disappointing. The museum was exceptional crowded the day we tour the Louvre, however Fabia made the experience worse. Her English is not very good and she was very rude and short with us. She seemed like she had other things that she would rather be doing. I highly recommend having a guide for the Louvre but this is not the one you want.

Cynthia K
5 | 2019-04-24

My personal guide, Veronique was amazing, very knowledgeable about the history of the museum and the artwork inside. Saw all the major pieces, Mona Lisa, Venus DeMilo, etc. Was an enjoyable experience!

5 | 2018-07-31

We had a lovely, knowledgeable woman show us around the Louvre. We had limited time and the Louvre can be overwhelming, so it was well worth the expense.

Peter G
5 | 2018-07-08

Julien was our guide and did a GREAT job! We were all tired from a long flight, but he kept the kids interested in what we were seeing. If he is your guide, I would recommend this tour.

5 | 2018-04-26

Our tour guide Julien was amazing, worth every euro! The Louvre was mobbed the day we went and he used all of his tour guide magic to get us in past long lines even for tour groups. He knew everything about the Louvre that we asked about and gave us an incredible overview tour. It was supposed to be 1.5 hours but he went almost an hour more. You could tell he loved his job. We have 11 year old twin boys and he worked very hard to keep them interested. He even offered to take family pics of us in the museum. Thanks for everything, Julien!

Shelby P
4 | 2018-04-10

Susanne was waiting for us at our meeting spot and was delightful and charming! We were SO grateful to be in her guiding hands, as otherwise, the Louvre is totally overwhelming. I loved how she gave insight and history to the actual building and how the Louvre became what it is today. She did an excellent job taking us around and showing us highlights. We had our two kids, 14 and 12, and that is the only reason why I chose the shorter option. I wasn't ready for it to be over, and could have done the 3 hour one, but other than seeing one more thing my son had learned about in school, the kids were ready to leave after we said goodbye to Susanne. The only thing I would change was that she spent a lot of time on greek statues, and though my husband and I really enjoyed spending a lot of time on studying one statue at a time, it was tough for the kids and they were anxious to move on to something new.

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