Viagem turística de um dia por Gibraltar saindo de Málaga
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Viagem turística de um dia por Gibraltar saindo de Málaga
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Viagem turística de um dia por Gibraltar saindo de Málaga

1 day
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Após uma viagem de cerca de duas horas partindo de Málaga em um ônibus confortável, sua viagem diurna a Gibraltar começa com uma excursão turística que passa por todos os pontos turísticos do território britânico. Veja o porto de Gibraltar, a cidade com o interior murado e a Caverna de São Miguel, uma gruta natural impressionante usada como local para apresentações de concertos, ballet e música clássica.

Em seguida, siga para a famosa Rocha de Gibraltar, um destaque da excursão. A rocha calcária se estende em cerca de 425 metros (1.400 pés) de altura e tem uma longa história – os antigos Romanos e Gregos a consideraram um dos dois Pilares de Hércules, que marcou a evolução do mundo antigo.

Do topo, admire as vistas da Península Ibérica e de todo o Mediterrâneo até Marrocos, e conheça os habitantes locais -- o bando semisselvagem de macacas, popularmente conhecidos como macacos-de-gibraltar. Diz a lenda que os britânicos não deixarão Gibraltar até que os macacos se vão. Segure seus pertences -- esses pequenos e atrevidos macacos são conhecidos por pegarem as coisas e correrem!

Você também terá tempo livre para almoçar em um restaurante local (por conta do visitante) e fazer compras na Main Street, onde os preços são livres de impostos, a moeda é a Libra esterlina e marcas inglesas, como Marks & Spencer, esgotam seus produtos. Vá às lojas e veja roupas e artigos de vidro ingleses e pegue modelos do duty-free de marcas internacionais, como Tommy Hilfiger e a marca espanhola, Mango.
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1 | 2019-05-06

I really wish they would state that the tour bus would be picking up other people in other cities in the description. The first pick up was in Malaga but then we went to 6-7 other stops along Costa Del So before heading to Gibraltar. We spent 3 hours each way picking people up and dropping them off. We only spent a total of about 4 hours in Gibraltar: 2 hours for exploring the city and 2 hours to see the St. Michael's Caves, Macaques and the rock of Gibraltar. They also didn't take us to the top of the rock which I was also disappointed about. The tour guide didn't sound completely knowledgeable on the plan of when to meet up and where so we were confused half the time. Overall, don't recommend this tour at all.

Timotheos C
5 | 2019-04-22

Very nice and different...worth the trip,should be some longer in time though...the guide knew what she talked about,very good...

Martin S
5 | 2018-12-31

The trip was excellent. Paco the representative that took us there was great and the sightseeing tour was a blast with tour guide Jerry keeping us entertained the whole way round.

Claudio H
3 | 2018-09-01

Gibraltar is well worth seeing the monkeys the caves the view, but spend the full day utilizing a different tour operator we had Julia Travels or stay the day and visit the sites yourself.

Jonathan C
1 | 2018-07-10

Gibraltar was beautiful and the staff was kind, BUT I felt mislead just before we arrived. When I purchased the tickets online weeks before the trip, I was under the impression that our tickets would take us all around the island, including up the mountain where most of the attractions are located. Minutes before arriving, we were told that I needed to purchase two additional tickets with cash to board a smaller bus that would actually tour the island for 50 Euros (25 per ticket). I don't like carrying a lot of cash during our travels, lucky for us I brought a 50 Euro bill with me that day. If I didn't bring cash with me, our trip would have been limited to the small town near the bus depot. The town is quite charming. But still I was extremely upset that I traveled to Gibraltar and almost missed out seeing the highlights; monkeys, St. Michael's Cave and the distant Africa outline on the southern side. Finally, my last huge complaint is that I was told to meet the tour in Malaga at 7 am. The reason that I was given was that the bus would not pick us up at our hotel which was a few towns west of Malaga, but east of Gibraltar (somewhere in the middle). This was no issue at first as we rented a car for our trip. We drove the Malaga, spend an additional 30 Euros to park and boarded the bus. Minutes into the trip, the bus started making stops picking up additional tourists. There were between 10 to 15 stops. This didn't bother me until we made a stop in the town that I was staying at, which was about two hours in! WHY, WHY, WHY was I told to travel to Malaga, when I could have met the bus at this other hotel? So not only did I have to spend an additional 80 Euros, we wasted at least six hours of our day because we were told to meet the tour at the first stop. Again, it pains me to write this complaint because both bus drivers and the tour guide were extremely nice. And Gibraltar is extremely beautiful and would recommend anyone to visit, just not on this tour. I've been on many site seeing tours throughout Europe, this was our worse.

4 | 2018-07-09

Gibraltar - interesting yet odd. The monkeys were great to see in person. St. Michael's Cave was magnificent. The town/main shopping area itself was OK. Cute but nothing special. I felt the tour was rushed and would have liked at least one more hour to be on my own to explore. The tour guide Paco was really quite good - speaking 5 languages.He was knowledgeable and funny. The customs

1 | 2018-05-23

I booked the tour directly from the website of VIATOR although it was more expensive than that advertised by Julia Travel. The reason for this was that when I read the reviews on the tour organised by Julia Travel many complained that the trip from Malaga to Gibraltar took much more time than the advertised duration of two hours. However, to my astonishment, when I booked I received an email form VIATOR informing me that the tour would be organised by Julia Travel. Thus I had paid the extra fee in vain. The coach from Malaga took almost 4 hours to arrive at Gibraltar despite the fact that VIATOR advertises that the trip would take around 2 hours. This delay was due to the fact that there were many pick-ups on the way and the guide had to distance herself from the coach several times to pick up persons along the way. A more clear indication of the time which would be taken from Malaga to Gibraltar should have been given. We arrived at Gibraltar at around 10.45am and were given free time up to 12.30pm. Then we were led to different mini buses according to the preferred language and were informed that the coach would leave Malaga at 3pm sharp. The local guide for the city tour named Paul was commendable and he was both knowledgeable and friendly. However, we were rushed through the places we had to visit. In fact we were spared only 20 minutes to visit St Michaels caves and on our way to the coach parking area, at 2.45pm, Paul even received a telephone call asking him where we were. However, we arrived at the parking area within the following minute. Our return to Malaga took much less and we arrived at our destination prior to 6pm. This means that although the tour was advertised as having a duration of approximately 12 hours, in our case it lasted only 11 hours whereas more time could have been allotted to us either during our city tour or during our free time. Prior to dropping the participants off, the guide even told us that whoever wished to give tips to her and the coach driver was free to do so. Notwithstanding this, almost none of those who were dropped off in Malaga gave any tips. All in all, I opine that the tour was not quite worthwhile and it should give more value for money. It would pay whoever wishes to visit Gibraltar to do so on his own if he is able to do so.

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