Excursão de um dia em Marrocos, de Málaga a Tangier
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Excursão de um dia em Marrocos, de Málaga a Tangier
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Excursão de um dia em Marrocos, de Málaga a Tangier

1 day
Dia Completo
Sobre esta atividade
Sua excursão de um dia a Tangier começa com um passeio cênico de Málaga ao extremo sul da Espanha. Depois, embarque em uma balsa de alta velocidade para cruzar o Estreito de Gibraltar até Marrocos (45 a 60 minutos), onde sua jornada continuará até a empolgante cidade de Tangier, no Marrocos, em um ônibus confortável com ar condicionado.

Sua excursão em Tangier começa com um passeio panorâmico da cidade seguido de uma caminhada pelo pequeno mercado, Medina (bairro da cidade antiga) e Kasbah (antiga fortaleza). Descubra a rica arquitetura do Marrocos, ande pelos mercados de condimentos, pare para ver o encantador de serpentes e visite as padarias locais para experimentar um pão delicioso (à sua custa).

Em seguida, aproveite as compras em um típico bazaar, onde você verá todos os tipos de tapetes e artesanatos. Almoce em um restaurante local e delicie-se com a comida marroquina tradicional, como cuscuz, tagine e outras delícias locais. Divirta-se com uma apresentação de uma dançarina berbere.

Depois do almoço, faça uma breve parada em Cabo Spartel, onde é possível ver onde o Oceano Atlântico e o Mar Mediterrâneo se juntam e, depois, experimente o tradicional chá de menta e aprenda os rituais desse chá. Em seguida, faça uma parada nas dunas de areia branca que fazem fronteira com o Oceano Atlântico. Aqui, você tem a opção de andar de camelo (à sua custa)! Como alternativa, aproveite o tempo livre para explorar a bela área.

Em seu caminho de volta à balsa, veja as vistas da paisagem marroquina e, depois, relaxe no confortável passeio de ônibus do porto espanhol até Málaga.

Observação: O itinerário e a programação desta viagem estão sujeitos a alteração de dezembro a abril, devido aos horários da balsa e o feriado do Ramadã.
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  • Almoço
  • Passeio de balsa
  • Transporte em ônibus com ar condicionado
Não incluído
  • Gorjetas (opcionais)
  • Comida e bebida, exceto quando especificado
  • Embarque e desembarque no hotel
  • Passeio de camelo
  • A confirmação será recebida no momento da reserva, a menos que a reserva seja feita dentro de 12 horas da viagem. Nesse caso, a confirmação será recebida o mais rápido possível, conforme a disponibilidade
  • Sem acesso para cadeira de rodas
  • O terreno em Tangier é irregular, com grandes aclives e a viagem exige longas caminhadas.
  • A duração total da viagem pode variar com base no local de embarque e desembarque
  • Você DEVE confirmar e providenciar todos os requisitos de visto antes de cruzar a fronteira. Todos os requisitos de visto são de responsabilidade do viajante
  • Um passaporte atual válido é necessário no dia de viagem
  • Nome, número, validade e país do passaporte são necessários no momento da reserva para todos os participantes
  • Esta excursão tem várias áreas de embarque
Jeffrey S
2 | 2018-12-24

So the tour bus was very comfortable, ferry to Morocvo perfect. Here is the downside. We were told to meet at a pickup site in Malaga. We did and from there make numerous stops at hotels to pick up other passengers. We weren't the Bus 3 hours each way! The tour guide (Hassam)in Morrocco brought us to places that were preselected and gave us lengthy sales pitches. There were glorious markets that we were not able to stop and view. Feel like he is paid to bring us only to certain vendors. Length of day was from 530am - 915. Total time in Morroco 5 hours spent at designated places. Would have liked yo know that we could be picked up at our hotel. Recommend with reservations.

Katherine R
1 | 2018-11-30

We were actually not able to even go to Tangier as our ferry was cancelled due to choppy waters and high winds. Wasted 6 hours driving to and from Tarifa. The tour guide did make a stop on the way back at a lookout point near the Strait of Gibraltar and I was issued a full refund (though had to initiate the process myself).

Vince F
3 | 2018-10-24

We had to be at the pick up sight at 5:30am but we were not told we would spend the next hour and a half picking up other people. When we arrived in Morocco we got a tour bus with 37 other people. The guide Mohammad was very good but he translated in 3 languages. By the time he got back to English it was too late to ask a question. When we completed the bus tour we began the walking tour with lunch. Nice clean authentic restaurant. The shopping consisted of 1 rug shop and 1 pharmacy that they said would be a spice market. It would have been impossible to shop with that many people but very disappointing. Enrique was on the bus with us and served as our “Shepard”. He was very good. I wouldn’t recommend this tour unless you prefer large groups

Sherry F
5 | 2018-10-09

This was the Worst group trip we ever took. 45 people, no tour guide on the 2.5 hr trip there, just a woman clerk taking passport info. The distance should have taken only one hour, the rest-1.5 hrs,,,,,, was 8 or 9 detours to pick up people at hotels up and down the coast. We spent hours standing in lines and were herded into sales promotions in the kasbah with no choice, no way to escape. Missed the boat back because of the sales hack and had to stand for another hour and a half for the next one. Awful . Save yourself and run if they say “Julia Travel”.

Ana Margarita D
5 | 2018-10-05

One of the best Tours Ive ever taken, Would recommend. It was a long day but worth it

4 | 2018-09-24

We had delay due to technical problem with ferry, but the company do all the best to rebook the ferry tickets and finally we started our jorney. We had an amazing day in Tangier and really loved the place.

1 | 2018-09-05

This was NOTHING like any other experience I've had in Morocco. It was horrible. There was no beauty in this city, in this experience, in this tour. I feel like I wasted a day on my overseas vacation, but more importantly, Tangier was NOTHING like other Moroccan cities I have visited. There was nothing NICE, nor beautiful. It was an awful city with extremely awful, rude people. Other cities in Morocco were beautiful with beautiful people. This city is just UGLY and I will never visit again. Ever.

4 | 2018-09-02

1st. Call and ask them if they can pick you up near where you are staying. It is a very long day. Fantastic experience, geat guides. Read a bunch of reviews before booking. It is well worth it if you have the right email at ions.

Claudio H
1 | 2018-09-01


Brooks C
1 | 2018-08-17

This was a disaster from start to finish. AVOID The short version: long bus ride 5:30am-9:30am, long lines at the ferry terminal, terribly painful boat ride, camel rides are a joke, your brief time in Tangiers 2-3hrs is a mix of extended sales pitches, being hassled by nick-knack peddlers and eating the blandest food that Julia Travel could find and no time to explore on your own. If you want more details: Not only does the bus ride leave a 5:30am, but there's poor information about pick up location and how long the drive takes. They also don't tell you that they make multiple stops to pick up other people on the way to Tarifa where the ferry to Tangier leaves from - this means you're on a bus for about 4 hours. At one point the bus stopped, the tour guide and driver got out of the bus for 20 minutes without letting us know why. The boat ride to Tangier was truly painful. After fighting our way through a series of deeply disorganized lines in the ferry terminal, we were happy to get on the boat. Unfortunately, the customs situation requires everyone to continue to stand in line on the boat to get your passport stamped. What was not made clear by the tour guide Enrique was that you needed to get in line for this immediately upon entry to boat. We got in line after 15 minutes on the boat and waited in a hot, crowded line for rest of trip to the port in Tangiers 1hr and another 20 min after it docked. It's worth noting that fights broke out in these lines. Once in Morocco we got into a bus, which led us from one scam to another in air conditioned comfort. Note that the camel rides were in a parking lot. The suckers who thought this looked like fun were lead in a circle about 50 yards in diameter. There were ocean views, but was about 60 seconds start to finish and, again, in a parking lot. The trip through the Medina was particularly terrible. Like a bad acid trip while watching late night infomercials terrible. We were walked into the Medina and led past delicious smelling food and an actual produce and spice market before being quickly rushed into a section where we were relentlessly accosted by aggressive peddlers of nick-knacks. They will follow you, they won't leave you alone. This is a such a pain I can't fully express it. The only time you get away from this is when they take you to a rug shop, where you're given a more involved hard-sell on rugs. But wait, there's more! They also take you an herbalist. He gives you the hard sell on a wide array of snake oils that will solve all your problems and make you long for the annoyance of streets. Each of these encounters take 40 minutes. Every single one of those minutes are painful. The lunch is incredibly bland. The lunch that's included was particularly sad. The main reason I wanted to go on this trip was the food. This was boring and clearly tailored for tourists who don't like spices or too much flavor. After this cascade of fiascos, you're given 20 minute of free time. This is the only time you have to yourself, to not be led around like a toddler. It's barely enough time to finish a mint tea at the nearest cafe. I could go on, but I trust you get the idea. Don't do this. You can make your own day trip to Tangiers and I can't imagine it being worse. Seriously. Don't do this.

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