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Hoover Dam
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The best things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in the state of Nevada in the US. It is known for myths and legends turning around its legendary name. Growing in the desert, being a bling-bling city and hosting extravagant shows characterize this city. It is also known as the city of endless sins where sex and luxury are a part of daily life. Fabulous and stunning, Las Vegas is a multi-faceted city. Here are some interesting things to do in Las Vegas may you be solo traveler, couple or with kids.

Las Vegas Downtown

Las Vegas Downtown is a unique experience. The downtown is more beautiful, especially at night. There are dozens of things to do and see in Las Vegas Downtown. Fremont Street Experience. It is a pedestrian mall where huge screens display shows and movies. Container Park. This is an open-air shopping wall full of entertaining, restaurants, boutiques and bars. It’s better to visit this place at night to enjoy the evening entertainments. Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park. This park is a unique experience which hosts and preserves the historic Mormon Fort.

Mandalay Bay Beach

Almost all the hotels possess a swimming pool in Las Vegas. You need to know that the temperature in Las Vegas can become very hot. So what better than to plunge into the water to cool off? But again, Las Vegas does not do anything like everyone else. Mandalay Bay Beach is one of the best entertainment spots in Las Vegas. It is located in the Las Vegas Strip. It has a giant wave triggered at regular intervals, its artificial sand beach, and its magical river. You have the possibility to book a cabana or bungalow to better experience your day next to the pool. Mandalay Bay Beach constantly organizes events like concerts. You can follow their entertainment program to stay up to date.

Escape Room

Las Vegas escape rooms are the best activities to entertain yourself at the cheapest price. You can find games adapted to beginners and advanced alike. Before the game, the organizers will give you some instructions and will explain the aim of the game.

Here are some escape game activities that you should absolutely try once in Las Vegas.

  • Bugsy’s nightmare The aim of the game is to find secret documents in order to save the city from a criminal. You only have 60 minutes to discover the guilty people in organized crime.
  • Arizona shootout escape room in Las Vegas Being a lawman, you have only 60 minutes to identify criminals that just started shooting to kill you.
  • Lockdown Mayan escape room in Las Vegas You are the best archeologists in the city. Your task is to overcome 4 major obstacles that will bring you to hidden treasures of a Mayan temple.
Remember that the aim of the game is to act as a group. You will either be a part of a group formed of strangers or you can form your own group.

Grand Canyon

If you are done with Las Vegas, it’s time for you to head to the Grand Canyon. Here you’ll have sensational feelings of freedom and serenity. The Grand Canyon National Park is a unique combination of geologic formations. There are a couple of solutions to reach this place. You can either take a helicopter tour, bus or private car according to your preferences and budget. South Rim is the most popular place visited and the easily accessible part of the Grand Canyon. This is the largest and the most spectacular part of the canyon which gives extraordinary landscapes. The South Rim is located in the heart of a forest. So you can see a lot of wild animals. like deers, squirrels, lizards. You can book a tour with a professional guide who will uncover to you all the secrets of this national park.

Stratosphere Tower

The Stratosphere Tower is the only free-standing building in the USA. It is situated in the southern part of Las Vegas, in a place called Las Vegas Strip. It is the best place for adventure seekers. Its observation deck gives a panoramic view of the city. Besides the views, the tower offers a wide range of attractions. Here are some of them: Skypod thrill rides which allow you to enjoy the best views of Las Vegas from the sky. Have a fine dining experience at the Top of the World. Sky jumping from 829 feet above the Las Vegas Boulevard.

Cirque du Soleil

Recognized worldwide, Cirque du Soleil has always created shows full of imagination and passion. Their entertainment shows invoke our 5 senses and provoke strong emotions. Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil shows are highly creative and artistic.

Here are some of the upcoming shows:

  • KÀ which combines acrobatics, martial arts, and puppetry.
  • The Beatles provides high-class entertainment garnished with the top hits of this popular rock group.
  • The Mystery which pays tribute to the artistic talent of the human body.
You can easily get tickets to one or more of the shows and enjoy high-class entertainment.

Luxor Hotel & Casino

Luxor Hotel is certainly one of the iconic places in Las Vegas. This hotel offers fascinating entertainment facilities. With its 30 floors within the pyramid, the hotel offers more than 4000 rooms. At the top of the pyramid, there is a luminous ray which is visible from dozens of kilometers away. Its is even visible from the airplanes in the sky. Luxor has a huge casino to satisfy all lovers of games of all times. The Luxor even has large swimming full behind its building. The hotel hosts two famous exhibitions: Bodies…The Exhibition and Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.

Helicopter Ride

Have you ever dreamed about flying over Las Vegas in a helicopter? Las Vegas will uncover to you its most hidden gems during this night flight. You will fly over the Stratosphere Tower, Fountains of Bellagio, Las Vegas Downtown, Fremont Street Experience, etc. This 15-minute helicopter flight is the best way to take photographs of Las Vegas from the sky.

Death Valley

A two-hour drive from Las Vegas, it's the Death Valley. Behind this fearful name is actually one of the most beautiful national parks in California. Starting early in the morning to avoid congestions and the heat, the round trip will be easy to do. If you try the experience in the summer, take some precaution, as temperatures can reach 50 degrees. Despite the heat and the distance, the Death Valley has incredible biodiversity to be proud of. You can book a guided tour which will allow you to better understand the biodiversity of this place.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is considered to be one of the best engineering projects in the world. It’s located 48 km southeast of Las Vegas. Each year more than 1 million people come to visit this place. Dozens of millions of people pass by this place. You can see incredible landscapes from here. Hoover Dam was built to back up the Colorado River which created the Lake Mead. This is a very visited attraction. So it’s recommended to visit this place early in the morning to avoid large crowds. Don’t forget that it is located in a desert. So it can get hot very quickly. Make sure you take a sufficient amount of water with you.

National Atomic Testing Museum

The National Atomic Testing Museum is a unique place to better understand the role of nuclear weapons. The collection tells us the history of the establishment of the US’s nuclear weapon’s testing program in Nevada. It also tells why the establishment of this site is important for international stability. The museum has temporary and permanent exhibitions on various subjects. It’s recommended to book the tickets for your tour in advance. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10 A.M.-5 P.M. Sunday 12 P.M.-5 P.M.


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