Excursão particular de dia inteiro no Taj Mahal e pontos turísticos de Agra saindo de Jaipur
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Excursão particular de dia inteiro no Taj Mahal e pontos turísticos de Agra saindo de Jaipur
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Excursão particular de dia inteiro no Taj Mahal e pontos turísticos de Agra saindo de Jaipur

1 day
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Após o embarque em seu hotel em Jaipur às 6h, viaje por cinco horas em um veículo com ar condicionado para Agra, onde um guia historiador de arte o encontrará para uma excursão de 2 horas ao Taj Mahal, seguido por uma excursão de 1 hora pelo Forte de Agra, também conhecido como o Forte Vermelho, juntamente com o Baby Taj que é a forma pequena do Taj Mahal com um belo interior e um exuberante jardim verde. Este guia especializado irá focar em artística e detalhes históricos que enriquecem a experiência dos locais. Após uma pausa para o almoço (por conta do visitante), continue de carro até Fatehpur Sikri e visite Buland Darwaza que é o maior portão do mundo e desfrute de os belos palácios que fizemos para diferentes rainhas de Akbar, de acordo com sua conveniência. Em seguida, viaje três horas de carro de volta ao hotel em Jaipur, chegando por volta de 20h.
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  • Recepção e desembarque no hotel
  • Transporte em veículo privado com ar condicionado
  • Motorista
  • Historiador local de arte profissional guia em Agra & Fatehpur Sikri
Não incluído
  • Bebidas alcoólicas (disponíveis para compra)
  • Almoço
  • Alimentos e bebidas adicionais
  • A confirmação será recebida no momento da reserva
  • Bebês devem permanecer no colo
  • Um máximo de 12 pessoas por reserva
  • Não recomendado para crianças menores de 4 anos
  • Desconto disponível para grupos de mais de três pessoas
  • Idade mínima para beber é 18 anos
kevin favor
2 | 2019-03-25

It was a fun activity day trip from jaipur to agra, driver was friendly and careful but the tour guide isnt that accomodating and informative it feels like he just wanted to do his job,get done for the day.

Alex L
1 | 2018-03-06

I would give this excursion a 1 and that's a stretch! I'm actually surprised by the 5 reviews, now I've been through this myself, but maybe we were unlucky. Let's start with the positive - the driver turned up on time and was efficient. For everything else. This tour was hugely overpriced, you could organize this yourself in India for less than a quarter of the price and I would highly recommend doing this. It will probably be more enjoyable as well. On the sights themselves.The Taj was obviously fantastic, but you don't need a guide. Although ours was entertaining and took some great photos you can read about the history in advance and there isn't much to point out, except the Taj itself and we were reminded by our tour guide within 5 minutes of meeting him, that he would be wanting a tip. Not exactly a great first impression! At the end of the tour of the Taj, he tried to put us off seeing anything else in Agra, I'm assuming so he could sneak off early and again pressured for a tip, claiming he hadn't been paid by Viator for 6 months, repeating myself, this isn't exactly what you want to hear, when you've paid out some serious money for this tour. Don't get me wrong, although I've been negative so far, we were always intending to give this guy a tip, but just be prepared for this for this kind of chat. Despite our tour guides less than enthusiastic nature, we were eager to see the Fatehpur Sikri and cards on the table, I'm not even sure if the 'new' guide realized he worked for Viator, I was actually unsure about following him. Saying this, he shared alot of information about the site and it's worth a visit, if you haven't seen many other forts/palaces. We took the bus he recommended to get to the gate, which was a bargain 10 rupees and actually chose to walk back! The sun was shining and it was good to feel the buzz of the town, I would highly recommended doing this! All in all - really not worth the money!

Henry E
3 | 2018-01-04

The driver was wonderful, and drove us in his modern Volkswagen to Agra brilliantly. No worries there. The 'hustorian' guide, however, was not what we expected. He seemed disinterested both in us and in the Taj Mahal, in his dark glasses and bomber jacket. He rushed us round the Taj Mahal stunning, it must be admitted, before bundling us back into the car and taking us to a carpet seller's where he expected us rich tourists to buy merchandise on which he would make a commission. Having failed there, he took us to a very touristy and expensive restaurant, presumably in further search of commission. After lunch, he decided that there was too much traffic to see anything else, so we drove past Agra Fort, dropped this man off somewhere, and drove home. Altoghether a disappointment. I can understand the desire for endless commission if this was a cheap tour, but it wasn't - it was through a reputable, and not inexpensive tour company who promised lots and, in the end, delivered little. I hope that this helps people in the future. I hope that the company is listening.

gary d
5 | 2017-12-16

Great tour guide. Informative and knowledgeable with great English. Well versed not only in history but in art, architecture and about the city and life styles of Agra.

Benjamin B
5 | 2017-08-11

Our tour guide (Krishna) and driver was very helpful and took care of us in all way. It was a convenient trip to see the magnificent Taj mahal and Agra!

Graham D
1 | 2017-08-03

Only 1hr at the Taj Mahal - not 2. Only 30mins at Agra Fort - not 1hr. Didn't get to visit anything else on the tour with the exception of a carpet shop which was unrelated and a precious stone shop - only for the hard sell. Was home for 5pm - not the stated 8pm. Very rushed. Do it yourself instead.

Carly T
3 | 2017-07-31

Driver service was fine...tour guide didn't provide a lot of info at the sight, tried to make me write a TripAdvisor review of him while we were in the Agra fort so beware of overly positive trip advisor reviews, tried to convince me not to go to Agra fort so he didn't have to spend more time showing me around we can just take a picture outside if you want which I would've hated to miss, and took me to 3 different tourist trap places where it's literally just a store and there is high pressure to buy something, even after I asked not to be taken to the 3rd after going to the first 2. Clearly he makes a commission off of sales at these places, and even asked me how much I spent at one of them. I know this is something tour guides do in India, but didn't expect it of a tour I paid 150 for. Also tried to refer me to a specific photographer to pay for photos inside the Taj Mahal. In the guide's defense, when I said I didn't want to buy photos, he was happy to take plenty of me on my phone. It was still a fun day, but I was overall a bit disappointed. The sites are amazing though, and you should definitely see them.

5 | 2017-04-12

Would definitely use again. Our driver went out of his way to return a package that was left behind in the car and confirmed the package had been received. Outstanding service

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