Acesso antecipado à Sagrada Família com acesso à Torre
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Acesso antecipado à Sagrada Família com acesso à Torre
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Acesso antecipado à Sagrada Família com acesso à Torre

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Admire o incrível exterior com seus pináculos impressionantes e siga direto para fazer uma excursão guiada dentro da igreja católica romana listada pela UNESCO e considerada uma obra de arte de Antoni Gaudí. Como um dos primeiros visitantes do dia, veja a força total do gênio artístico de Gaudí e ouça enquanto seu guia revela a visão do arquiteto sobre a igreja.

Olhe para cima e mergulhe nas vistas das colunas imponentes, vitrais e ornamentos ricos. Veja os cinco corredores - projetados como uma cruz latina - e saiba como Gaudí se inspirou na natureza, esboçando linhas retas a favor de curvas e bordas recortadas. Ouça também como a construção da igreja começou em 1882 e tinha apenas um quarto completo quando Gaudí morreu em um acidente de carro em 1926.

Veja as abóbadas que chegam a 70 metros (230 pés) de altura e, enquanto caminha, aprenda sobre o rico simbolismo cristão da decoração, das fachadas e dos pináculos planejados.

Depois de explorar a igreja, explore a área no seu próprio ritmo durante algum tempo. Para fazer um upgrade de sua experiência, opte por uma visita de 30 minutos (autoguiada) até o topo da torre da igreja, de onde você terá vistas deslumbrantes de Barcelona. Aviso: a viagem até o topo inclui uma subida de cerca de 400 degraus.
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  • Taxa de entrada para a Catedral Sagrada Família
  • Somente guia local falante de inglês
  • Ingressos para uma das Torres (se a opção foi selecionada)
Não incluído
  • Gorjetas (opcionais)
  • Comida e bebida
  • Embarque e desembarque no hotel
  • A confirmação será recebida durante a reserva
  • Informe: há cerca de 400 degraus para subir para a torre
  • O acesso à torre está sujeito às condições climáticas. No caso de cancelamento, você poderá escolher uma data alternativa ou o reembolso total
  • A idade mínima para entrar na torre é 6 anos
  • Observe que as torres permanecerão fechadas com chuva ou vento.
  • O monumento decide qual Torre está aberta para grupos de turistas e qual permanece fechada, e isso pode mudar dependendo do dia
Deborah S
5 | 2019-09-23

We had a great tour guide...and this is such an amazing place and so nice to see it before the big crowds come. My 11 year old son loved the tour too.

5 | 2019-09-18

An excellent guide makes a big difference as there is so much to see and learn about, and we were lucky to get one

5 | 2019-09-16

This is the must see attraction in Barcelona and booking before you go is also a must as it seems every one wants to go at the same time. We opted for an early Morning guided visit with a very knowledgeable guide who explained everything for us and we would have missed those important and interesting facts. Would definitely recommend this tour.

Denise M
5 | 2019-09-04

This tour was fantastic! Learned a lot of information from a local guide that probably wouldn't have been available on the recordings. It's a beautiful space with a long history and definitely worth a trip!

David M
5 | 2019-08-26

I enjoyed the tour and appreciated our guide, Olga. She shared her detailed knowledge about the basilica, which really added to the tour experience.

5 | 2019-07-24

The guide was REALLY knowledgeable- I can’t remember her name. We were really impressed with the detail.

Gordon M
3 | 2019-07-03

Our tour was to start at 8.50. The guide arrived at 8.45, stood around until 9.10, then went and bought our tickets, then we had to queue for security check. I don't mind this but we didn't get into the church until 9.30 and there were at least a hundred people in the church, these people weren't with a tour they were general public. We had paid more so we would be in before anyone else to get a feel of the grandeur, what a huge disappointment. Our guide was called Muna, she repeated herself continually and didn't know how to express very well in English. Wish we had paid less and had a wand. We also paid to go to the towers, well we were only allowed on a very small area that held about 8 people squashed together. You could see only a tiny piece of the roof. I expected to walk around more. Save your money and go to another city, Barcelona is ok if you like Gaudi.

Peter M
1 | 2019-07-03

We paid extra for entry into the basilica before it opened to the public. We were instructed to arrive 15 minutes before the tour began at 0850. However our guide did not turn up until 0855 and we stood around gill 0920. The general public were let in at 0900. We did not get what we paid for and feel ripped off

Eric Z
1 | 2019-07-03

No one gets in early. Period. The gates do not open until 9:00, and the Kevlar-jacketed security guards are there to make sure. Our guide had not led an English-speaking tour group in 2 months and struggled to be understood by the various people in our group (from different countries, but all could speak some form of English). He did not seem to like his job, and he did not seem excited by the tour group, and he was not a fan of the cathedral. He recited information from a guide book (which he referred to frequently). The basilica is crowded and noisy, it does not offer the opportunity for quiet reflection. The best thing we could say about this tour is that it took less than one hour. But from what we could see of the dozens of other groups being rushed through, it appeared to be fairly typical. Over 4 million people visit this attraction per year - don't become one of the statistic, unless you are truly a devotee of Anton Gaudi.

Mary L. E
1 | 2019-07-03

I am NOT giving a poor review to Sagrada Familia. That is one of the most amazing and stunningly beautiful works of mankind and deserves a 5 star rating. The problem was with the early access part. My friend and I paid EXTRA to get into this wonderful place "before the crowds" to quote the description. We (and 26 others) were there well before the 8:50 time. The basilica opens at 9. Our tour guide got there at 8:45 WITHOUT picking up the tickets first. He had a list of 28 people, knew from the list which ones had paid extra for the tower access and ALL had paid for early access. His failure to have the tickets meant he had to stand in line with others to get out tickets. Then, when he did arrive he had organization problems. I wrote to the Barcelona tour company about the problem. I have heard nothing from them. I strongly recommend you DO NOT BUY THIS PACKAGE! It's not the fault of Viator They can't control the actions of the local tour company. We got inside around 9:30.... The guide knew his stuff about the basilica, but had no idea what to do . All of us would readily have arrived at 8:30 to allow time for him to check us in. He even held us up going through security because our group "grew" by two. So NO ONE could go through until he had solved the problem. He could have let us show our voucher, check us off and let us though security. I could write about the frustration felt by the group as we waited for him to get organized, but I think you get the idea. Our voucher says "Amigo Tours Spain". DON'T deal with them.

David R
4 | 2019-07-03

THE CHURCH IS NOT TO BE MISSED. We chose this tour because it was early morning, well 845 AM. The guide arrived on time but we did not start until 40 minutes later- she claimed problem with ticket office? By the time we got into the church it was already crowded - the tour explanation mentioned "beating the crowds." Tour was bilingual, I guess it is impossible to get all English. The group was too large in our opinion, but the whisper devices helped. We felt it was short compared to some of the other tours we had taken in Spain.

Donald F
5 | 2019-07-03

This tour was great, Our guide met us at designated point. She handed us our tickets and we all went in together, picked up our headsets on way in. Our guide was very informed and gave us alaot of info. We were able to tour the inside and stay aslong as we wanted. Took an elevator to the top of one tower for some great views. Climbed hundreds of stairs down.This was the highlight of my trip. worth every penny.

James P
5 | 2019-07-03

Meeting point was easy to find. Easy access to the cathedral. Guide was pleasant and knowledgeable. We really enjoyed this tour.

5 | 2019-07-03

Having booked the morning access tour to avoid the rush and queues, I was really very happy that I did. We got there early and despite a delay with keys being lost at the entrance, we were soon in and there were not too many people to spoil the experience and the sights. Our guide was extremely informative and gave us so much information and insight into this magnificent cathedral. We had a lot of time alone to explore afterwards. We had booked the tower access, but on being informed that if you are claustrophobic or don't like heights it might not be such a good idea. There are lifts to the top, but you have to walk down quite a few stairs in a very small cramped space. Overall a really great tour.

4 | 2019-07-03

Definitely worth coming here early as it is incredibly busy. We were slow to start with late arrivals and someone trying to join the tour not having paid. Once we got going though Marc was a friendly and interesting guide, interpreting the symbolism of the decorations both outside and inside and explaining the history of the construction. Recommended

Carolyn E
5 | 2019-04-18

Wow! Amazing place to visit! A definite must see when visiting Barcelona. Was disappointed that we did not get to go up in the tower due to high winds. But otherwise thoroughly enjoyed the tour and Maria, our guide, was really good.

4 | 2018-11-30

It was raining, so didn't really get enough time outside. Skip the Line allowed for us to beat the crowds.We we're disappointed in that we were not allowed to ascend the Passion tower, but were told we would get a refund. The museum is a must see. Don't forget to visit the shop next to the museum. We were fortunate enough to be in the church when the Angelus was prayed and a soloist sang the Ave Maria. This occurred at noon.

Joann G
5 | 2018-10-08

We had a wonderful early access tour of Sagrada Familia with ooh la la, Mama Mia tour guide - knowledgeable and very entertaining. This was my third time in the Cathedral and I learn something new every time! Aida I believe was her name....

Randy K
5 | 2018-09-20

The tour was great. I thought I was getting tower access however I learned I did not have that included so the title of the attraction was a bit misleading. Over all I was fascinating to see the progress since my last visit in 2007.

Megan D
3 | 2018-09-04

Having visited La Sagrada Familia before, I knew what to expect. My tour was a bit slow, repetitive, and dry. There's nothing on the tour you can't read in the museum at the cathedral or read online in advance. Also, I'll be honest - I'm a little bitter about this tour because we weren't able to go up to the towers. They were closed due to "inclement weather." We did get refunded promptly from Viator (which is one of the many reasons I love booking tours here), but still. The towers can be closed for any reason at any time.

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