Cruzeiro pelos Canais da Cidade de Amsterdã e Museu Van Gogh
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Cruzeiro pelos Canais da Cidade de Amsterdã e Museu Van Gogh

Cruzeiro pelos Canais da Cidade de Amsterdã e Museu Van Gogh

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Explore o belo centro da cidade de Amsterdã em um cruzeiro pelos canais da cidade antes de entrar no Museu Van Gogh. Desfrute de duas das atrações obrigatórias da cidade com este ingresso.

Relaxe no barco enquanto navega pelos canais de Amsterdã e admira as belas casas comerciais tradicionais, as várias pontes e casas-barco da cidade durante seu cruzeiro pelo canal de 75 minutos.

Em seguida, aproveite o acesso ao Museu Van Gogh e veja algumas das obras mais famosas desse fantástico pintor. Aproveite seu tempo explorando as exposições enquanto caminha pelo museu em seu próprio ritmo.
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  • Ingresso de entrada para o Museu Van Gogh, no horário selecionado
  • Cruzeiro turístico
Não incluído
  • Comida e bebida
  • Gorjetas (opcionais)
  • Embarque e desembarque no hotel
  • A confirmação será recebida durante a reserva
  • Observação: o horário selecionado é o horário de entrada para o Museu Van Gogh. O cruzeiro é um ingresso aberto.
90% Cultural
80% Aquático
Russell T
5 | 2018-04-26

Great Tour!!! Highly recommended!

5 | 2018-04-16

I didn't know that there are Canal Cruise and Van Gogh and Van Gogh and Canal Cruise not the same! I called Viotor, but could not help me. I wanted a 1 hr cruise in the evening at sunset, but I bought day cruise without knowing there were similar product. When I got to the Blue Boat, I explained and requested for evening hour. I was told I need to pay a few more euro for 1.5hr. No big deal. I was able to get the sunset time with paying the difference. I wan very grateful to the Blue Boat clerk at the counter for being flexible! The Canal Cruise is a must when you visit Amsterdam. Tram within the city was very slow and ended up spending only .5 hr at Van Gogh. So I can't say much about it. I enjoyed what I saw.

1 | 2018-04-01

Blue Boat is your worst nightmare in providing tickets for Van Gogh Museum. They had us going back and forth between museum and ticket office before we gained entrance. Would not recommend using them a ticket broker for Van Gogh.

3 | 2017-11-19

The canal cruise is okay. But the HOP ON/HOP OFF canal cruise goes the same route and IS BETTER.

Pauline B
5 | 2017-10-24

Van Gogh Museum was amazing experience. The Canal cruise was very useful because you see everything from a different angle. The buildings are just unbelievable. I thought all the locals were very helpful wherever you met them.

Brianna G
4 | 2017-10-23

Informative cruise. Would recommend.

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